Other courses

During the summer we organize intensive courses in Bristol and abroad throughout the whole year.

Intensive summer courses in Bristol

Throughout the month of July, we organize courses for kids, teens and adults.

Kids, until they are 11, are immersed in the language while they enjoy the great variety of activities.

Teens between 12 and 17 can carry out intensive courses that consist of 4 different classes (Speaking, Interactive grammar, Project Presentation, Writing Workshop). By working in groups and learning in a fun manner their abilities improve. We also offer other weekly activities in English, such as Photography Workshops.

Adults can achieve additional language knowledge with active and dynamic courses, organized by levels.

Abroad summer courses

In Bristol we offer diverse programs to practice English, French, German and other languages in various countries.

For more than 30 years we have been collaborating with prestigious companies specialized in these courses. For each case, we recommend the course that adapts best to your necessities. (With or without classes, to family or residence, with sports or other activities, etc.)

Abroad school year courses

For over more than 30 years Bristol has been sending teens from ESO and Bachillerato to study abroad to the United States, Canada, Ireland and England.

Nowadays it is still a very interesting option for those teenagers that want to stand out and obtain a great amount of English knowledge but also live a vital and unique experience, since they get to live with a local family.

Teenagers come back from their stay abroad with an open mind, more responsible and more mature. Their wide language knowledge provides them with numerous advantages for their future careers.

Enjoy Languages, Enjoy Bristol!

Come and enjoy learning languages