How we teach

Our Method

In Bristol we have a team of teachers that are committed, creative and passionate about teaching.

We enjoy each class and student. We want to transmit our enthusiasm and know what motivates them to get the best out of them.

We monitor them continuously group by group and student by student. We evaluate their different abilities and their progress in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

We teach our youngest children the native method when reading to avoid incorrect pronunciation habits while they grow up. During the class we incorporate a moment to enjoy reading stories. We encourage them with each step they make with oral expression for them to feel satisfied when speaking in English.


We divide the groups by levels: from the student who starts from scratch (Beginner) until the one who has an advanced level and decides to acquire a similar knowledge to one of a native speaker (Proficiency).


Beginner. A1 Level of the CEFR(Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)


Elementary A1+ level of the CEFR.


Pre-Intermediate. A2 Level of the CEFR


Intermediate. B1 Level of the CEFR.


Upper Intermediate. B1+ Level of the CEFR. Preparation for the Cambridge PET exam. (Preliminary)

First Certificate

First Certificate. B2 Level of the CEFR. Preparation for the Cambridge FCE exam.


Advanced. C1 Level of the CEFR. Preparation for the Cambridge CAE exam.


Proficiency. C2 Level of the CEFR. Preparation for the Cambridge CPE exam.


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Enjoy Languages, Enjoy Bristol!

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