Who we are

Learning a new language must be fun and stimulating. In Bristol we want to transmit students our passion for languages and cultures. We want to pass on how gratifying it is to communicate with people from different countries, browse through the internet without any type of idiomatic barrier, to understand the words of songs we like the most, present in a language that is not our mother toungue, …

When a student finishes a course, they need to feel that their knowledge of the language has improved. They must go on summer holidays wanting to come back to keep on learning.

Come and enjoy languages at Bristol!

Alicia Flames

Passion for languages.
As a girl, enjoying English classes at Bristol.
As a teenager, an exchange student in the United States.
As a young adult, travelling as a journalist in the TV world.

Over the years, satisfying my passion for teaching in Bristol.

Alicia FlamesBristol’s Director

Enjoy Languages, enjoy Bristol!

Come and enjoy learning languages