Group classes

All our classes are designed to learn languages in a natural way thinking about the different types of students.

We offer classes for kids, teens and adults.


Group classes for kids

We offer courses for kids starting at 3 years old.
When children learn a new language at a young age, they are less inhibited and develop a

natural pronunciation.

In Bristol we take advantage of this to get the most out of learning. With our teachers they will learn how to communicate in English since day one and associate English with having fun.


Group classes for teens

In Bristol we motivate teenagers through dynamic and interactive classes.
Throughout the course they carry out group projects which are then presented to their classmates, they enjoy learning the lyrics to their favorite songs and they work on grammar through games projected from the computer.

When they are close to having a B1 level we evaluate them regularly according to the University of Cambridge standards taking official mock exams to follow their evolution. We prepare them rigorously for the official exams and for this reason, almost every year we achieve 100% of passed official exams from all levels.


Group classes for adults

The classes are oriented towards the specific interests of the members of each group.

What is mostly done in adult classes is spoken language due to it being the main demand these students ask for.

We have exclusive speaking classes and General English classes classified by levels where, besides the Speaking we practice other language abilities: Listening, Reading, Grammar and Writing.

Enjoy Languages, enjoy Bristol!

Come and enjoy learning languages